We chose Doe Bay Resort as a place to gather because it can accommodate all of us in a beautiful setting, maximizing opportunities to interact while minimizing logistical effort (once you get there!). Please peruse the information about Doe Bay and consider claiming one of the reservations we've made for you there. For family (and friends who prefer less rustic abodes), we've included some recommended alternatives that are relatively nearby.

Doe Bay Resort

The Doe Bay Resort web site is a good place to get oriented. We have reserved for you all a constellation of cabins, yurts, "greenhouse" cabins, and camp sites, mostly clustered around the water front. With reference to the Resort accomodation map and the table of reserved and available accomodations, including rates and occupancy, please contact the Doe Bay office staff (360-376-2291), identify yourself as a member of the Reese/Veirs wedding party, and work with them to assign your name to an unclaimed reservation.

Around June 1, we will cancel any unclaimed reservations, and the choices may be scant. Please note that there is a reservation deposit of 1/2 the projected cost of your stay; complete payment is due upon check out. While we trust that our time at Doe Bay will be completely fantastic, we refer you to a few independent opinions of the place gleaned from the web, to engage your patience, flexibility, and sympathy.

Other Accomodations

We have reserved the following Bed and Breakfasts near Doe Bay (for family members, and friends with special needs). Please contact one that interests you, identify yourself as part of the Veirs/Reese wedding group, and work with them to select an available room.
Spring Bay (360-376-5531)
5 doubles; $165-$215/night inc. breakfast, brunch, kayak tour, evening wine and tea; secluded with private beach, hot tub, and many hiking opportunities in neighboring Obstruction Pass State Park; about 10 minutes by car from Doe Bay.
Otter's Pond (888-893-9680)
3 doubles reserved; $75-$125; hot tub and dining area overlooking the otters' pond nestled in conifers; about 10 minutes by car from Doe Bay.
Buck Bay Farm (360-376-2908)
6 doubles; about $75-$95; closest to Doe Bay, with hot tub and amiable animals.
Sand Dollar (360-376-5696)
4 doubles; $88-$125; similarly close to Doe Bay (~5 minutes by car), overlooking grassy fields and a placid bay.

Other recommended lodging locations proximal to Doe Bay are:

Rosario Resort (800-562-8820 or 360-376-2222)
Elegant and not too far away (~10 minutes by car from Doe Bay); $95-$220;
Lieberhaven Resort (360-376-2472)
12 1-2bedroom cabins abutting the beach at Obstruction Pass, about 10 minutes from Doe Bay; $80+.
Outlook Inn (360-376-2200)
One of many options in the village of Eastsound, about 15 minutes by car from Doe Bay; 41 rooms and suites; $34-$225.

Places to stay if you want to spend time on the mainland:

B&Bs in Anacortes and Bellingham+
Close to the islands. If you misss the ferry, these will be useful.
Bed and Breakfasts in the San Juan Islands
A partial list of registered B&Bs on the islands, in Seattle, and beyond...
Washington State B&B's
A state-wide list of B&Bs.

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