An Overview

We hope you accept our invitation to join us in the San Juan Islands, a gorgeous cluster of rocky shores that witnessed us falling in love and that reflects many of the things we value. Gather with us on Orcas, one of many islands in this welcoming wilderness, at Doe Bay, a place washed by indigo tides lively with whales and salmon, and overseen by bald eagles and ravens.

During our wedding we want to celebrate family and close friends, a community that is widely dispersed around the nation and globe. Given the distance we're asking many of you to travel, and because we want to have time to revel in the company and support of so many good people, we have extended the traditional Saturday wedding into a celebratory weekend!

We hope you'll make the effort to visit our paradise, take the time to revel in the place before and/or after being with us, and take a peace of it, us, and mind back home with you. Here is our general vision of the weekend. It includes opportunities for you to participate already, and we hope you will enhance it with your creative ideas!

Friday, June 12

  • All day: Family arrives; early friends recreate at Doe Bay Resort
  • 6:00-9pm: Family Dinner, Rosario Resort, Discovery Center

    Saturday, June 13

  • Morning: Friends and family kayak-bike-hike-chat
  • 12-2: Soup and sandwiches available at Doe Bay, prepared by Annie, Scott, and willing volunteers
  • 2-4: More playing and preparing for ceremony
  • 4-5:30: THE CEREMONY
  • 5:30-7: Outdoor buffet and time to share readings-stories-songs
  • 7-10: Music and dancing
  • 10+: "Quiet" hours at Doe Bay
  • 10:30: Hot tub and sauna close!

    Sunday, June 14

  • Morning: Breakfast available at B&B's or at Doe Bay (prepared by cooperative friends)
  • All day: Games and recreations for those who are able to stay

    Throughout the weekend

  • Paste things into our scrapbook (in "Studio" at Doe Bay)
  • Deposit items in the memory box (in "Studio" at Doe Bay)
  • Sing a song, read a poem, make a toast, paint a picture...
  • Relax.
  • Snap pictures, frame video, digitize sounds, transcribe conversations...
  • Help carve a bed post?!

    Overview | How to get there | Where to stay | What to bring | Recreation opportunities
    Don't hesitate to contact us for more information or with questions:
    Scott or Annie.